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Organisations & Teams

Organisations & Teams

All startups/organisations aspire to pursue excellence and become unicorns/ market leaders in their segment, yet most of them find the struggle to transcend beyond mediocrity. Studies have shown that the major deterrent is their inability to tap into the cumulative human potential. 

Finding a sustainable solution to this is usually very challenging, as these need to be addressed at the individual mindset & mindfulness level of their human resources across levels. 

Listing a few of these commonly faced Manpower challenges:


Listing a few of these commonly faced Manpower challenges:

At the Management / Leadership Level

At the Individual Employee Level

Do you face any of the above challenges? Are looking to mitigate them and realise the cumulative human potential for organisational excellence?
We offer You:

Empowering Human Potential (EHP) Program

Enhancing the potential work with a higher level of the mind

This program is designed for organisations, that help the workforce to transcend themselves through self-awareness, mindset-building, adaptability, and practice to reach the limit of their inherent ability to develop, also finally transcending towards Improved leadership development, teamwork, communication, integrity, and productivity, resulting in a better bottom line.


Improve the workforce potential
a thousand fold.

Before we take you on any life-enhancing journey based on your challenges, our first step will be to help you with basic awareness. You get a glimpse of possibilities and your limitless inherent potential to reinvent your future, You may choose any one of the following programs based on your interest and comfort level:

Envision Your Potential - (EYP)

A basic awareness seminar/webinar that acquaints one with the importance of

Empowerment Through Insight - (ETI) - Level 1

A workshop designed for granting a basic understanding of Oneself & Others

Testimonial What Out Clients Says

Sombit De
Industry Lead - Global Solutions Operations - NielsenIQ Vadodara, Gujarat, IN.

Abhiesshek & Kakoli have helped me transform. It's commendable how they understand concepts. they were always there to help, guide, and direct. Sincere and reliable, they keep their word.

Shreya Ramdeehul
Psychology Student - Open University of Mauritius Port Louis, Mauritius.

My family was toxic, and I felt stuck and confused. I credit Abhiesshek Sir and Kakoli Mam for helping me advance. It was a wonderful experience to reprogram my mind and reorient my life.

Shantanu Vasant Pande
Director Sagrasangeet Delicacies Pvt.Ltd, Pune, Maharashtra, IN.

Mr Abhiesshek helped me overcome destructive relationships and business failures. Within a month, I mend relations with my mother, resolved issues with my wife and built a business I loved.

Naahid Nakidien
Certified Professional Coach Odacity lifestyle Cape Town, South Africa.

Kakoli is a talented mind coach who empowers people. Her caring and positive approach helped me focus on my business goals and reinvent my career. I enjoyed our group sessions with her.

Surya Saraf
Entrepreneur, Racanna Plywood Products Kolkata, West Bengal, IN.

Kakoli helped me during a difficult time in my life, filled with negativity and overthinking. Her ease of communication helped me relieve my huge mental weight. I'd gladly recommend her.

Utkarsh Chaturvedi
B.Tech Student, S.R.M. University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IN.

During the pandemic, I was unsure of my future. Here Kakoli Mam & Abhiesshek Sir played a vital role in my life. I became focused, intense, and empowered by transcending my limiting fears.